Breast Milk Fetish

Many guys out there have a breast milk fetish. They really get aroused by being with a lactating woman and suckling from her breast. The thought of combining their lovemaking with her warm, sweet milk and drinking from her breast at the same time is very exciting for men with the breast milk fetish.

The whole idea of milk engorged breasts that are leaking milk, and the women wearing nursing bras with flaps on them that can be pulled down for ease of access to drink her milk from, and squeezing the full breasts to aid in the releasing of milk.

Not all men that have breast milk fetish are into the mommy/son thing as one might assume. They just love the idea of nursing and getting nourishment from their sexual partner. She is nourishing him emotionally if they are in love, sexually if they are in love or if it’s casual, but the actual nourishment from milk is an added dimention for these men.

Yes, some into this fetish do have mommy fantasies, the whole regressive idea about being cared for and looked after and comforted can be very appealing to many.

Some get aroused if they are out and see a woman that are nursing their child. The mere picture can give some an instant hard on that needs tending to immediately.

Some go out of their way to find lactating women to date or fuck, since they want to indulge their craving for breast milk and suckling.

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