Spank Me, Teacher…


When I was in school, I was a very bad girl and corporal punishment was still practiced widely. This one high school teacher I had was very good looking and I was always doing things to get in trouble and be made to stay after class so he’d punish me, I was always hoping for that perfect moment when things would turn from punishment to pleasure, and one day I got my chance.

I’d been caught skipping school and smoking in the girls rooms and was yet again told to stay after class. I was in my young teens and I stayed back and once everyone had left I was told to bend over his desk and hike my skirt up and feel the whacks he gave me. He did hit my bottom a few times, but that one day after the spanks, I heard him unzip his pants and I felt him rubbing his cock up and down the backs of thighs and it was wet. He didn’t penetrate me, but he came up behind me and slid his hand down the backs of my panties, and I was already bent over and legs spread and he started rubbing my pussy from behind, manipulating my clit.

I was very quickly dripping wet as I felt his fingers slipping and sliding all over my clit and wiggle it back and forth, bringing me much pleasure and then making me cum. My bum still stung from his spanking, but this certainly made it worth getting and I found myself doing all kinds of bad things to make this happen again, which it did usually every week or so. He would rub my clit after spanking me and then jerk himself off, fuck it was hot, I couldn’t get enough of him fingering my pussy after those after school spankings.

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