BBW Phone Sex


Does a fleshy, ample, big breasted woman really get you going? Lots of bigger ladies also have large appetites in the bedroom as well as the kitchen. Hungry for cock and orgasms. Some callers tell me how much they adore a big fat ass to fuck, spank, or just worship. The titty fucks are so much better when their dick is just buried in the ample bosom of a big, earthy, lusty girl.

The fat pussies devouring their cock and I cannot even count how many guys have told me that bigger ladies have much tighter pussies. Not as many bigger ladies seem to shave themselves bald, some do of course, but not as many as thin ones. Likely because it’s more difficult to do that yourself with a tummy in the way and they may not be comfortable in their bodies to go to a salon to have someone do it for them. Some meat on the bones allows for a bit rougher handling as well, if they aren’t fragile like a twig, they can take more of a pounding and there can be more of a variety to your sex life.

Riding a guy on top when you are big might put his legs to sleep, but the guys into plus sized gals don’t seem to mind the trade off, many even seek out big women for facesitting, which to me seems a chance for impeded breathing, but they would go happy in any case with a fat pussy on their mouth and a juicy clit to suck and be smothered by their rolls of fat and squeeze their ass to pull it in even more. Doggy style sex gives a great view of the ass and that jiggly, fat ass will drive many of these BBW lovers wild indeed. So find a cuddly BBW and show that big girl some love!

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