Tit Fuck Tonight

This new boyfriend of mine is really into breasts. Mine are average sized and I always noticed him looking at girls with bigger breasts and making comments about them. Mine are big enough though, even if not Playboy model sized. We got home and I decided to give him a tit fuck so he’d know juts how good these tits of mine could make him feel.

We got undressed and I’d gotten this special lube just for tit fucks at the sex shop, it had some different sort of texture that was better for it, couldn’t hurt to try it, so I slathered up my tits and gave him a bit of a blow job to get that cock rock hard and then I placed that cock between my tits and gripped my breasts tightly around that throbbing cock and started pumping it up and down and licking the head of it every time it was pumped up. He had his hands on my shoulders and the lube did indeed make it all slippery and he loved how it felt, I could tell from his groans.

I darted my tongue to lick the drips of precum from the head with every thrust and my pussy was getting pretty wet and wanting to fuck, I’d have reached down and fingered myself, but of course I needed both hands to pump my tits up and down around his cock but I knew he was about to bend me over and thrust that dick all the way into my cunt, which is just what he did. I had a sticky chest from precum and the lube and he was now fucking me and it didn’t take long for us both to explode in orgasm, yes a paid of tits can lead to some very good things.

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