I Sucked My Uncle

In my teens I was kind of a wild child, I did all kinds of naughty things, even some stealing. I ran with some even wilder girls, and they thought nothing of taking money out of their parents wallets and doing all kinds of bad things. They really were a bad influence on me. I had a well off uncle and one time when we went to visit him, he’d left his wallet in his office and I saw it on the desk when I passed by the open door. He and my parents were all in the other room, and it looked so thick, I thought surely he wouldn’t miss a few dollars.

I went in and took some and stuffed it in my bra. I was turning around and he was standing in the doorway, watching me. I froze. I was mortified. He said he was going to tell my parents. I begged him not to, I gave him the money back, but he said he didn’t want it. That if I didn’t want my parents to find out, I was going to have to do exactly as he said. He told me they’d gone out to the garden to look around, so they wouldn’t be back inside for a while.

He told me to strip and get on my knees and give him a blow job, and I’d better make it a good one. He’d heard how wild I was so he said he assumed I’d given many and was experienced at them, and I can’t say he wasn’t correct. So I did it. I stripped naked and sucked off my uncle, right on the floor of his office as my parents were outside. I stroked his shaft and licked him up and down. He steadied himself on the edge of the desk a few times. I guess the pleasure was too much. He really gave me a good face fucking. He finally shot his load of jizz down my throat and I swallowed it. He said to keep the money, but I’d better never steal from him again. I didn’t.

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