The Key Party

Recently My partner and I went to a different kind of a party. He told me ahead of time what kind it was to see if I was up for it and I said sure. I knew all the other couples going and liked them all, so I was game. For ones that do not know, a key party is a swapping party of sorts. The men all put their keys in a bowl and the ladies fish a pair out at the end of the night and you go home with the person the keys belong to. With this kind of swapping, you don’t know who you’re going to be swapping with.

I got the husband of a friend of mine and I’d always liked him, so was not unhappy about who I ended up getting. We went back to his home, his wife went back with one of the other guys. I think they’d been to this type of party before, but it was all new to me. We went to his bedroom, and had some wine. He gave me a massage and it certainly loosened me up and made me feel really good. He then rubbed some of the massage oil on his hands and began to massage my pussy. I was soon purring like a kitten for him.

He got on me and my oil slicked body was soon making him all greasy as well. He fucked my wet pussy and made me cum so easily, so much better than my own husband. We went to the shower and soaped up one another, washing the oil off one another. He bent me over and fucked me from behind as we stood there, the hot water coursing over our bodies. It was one hot evening, and I do hope if I go to another key party, I’d be happy to have him again.

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