Family Swingers

Many times callers come up with outrageous tales and swear they are true, but they are so absurd, you know it’s just fantasy and you go along with it. You aren’t there to call them out on their insanity, you’re there to satisfactorily drain their balls. This man said recently he went to a swingers party, he’d been invited to one and wanted to see what it was like. Well imagine his surprise when he walked in and he saw a woman sucking a cock right there out in the open. Imagine his shock when it was his own mother! (LOL, yeah, suuure it was.)

So he came up behind the guy she was sucking off and was waiting his turn. After the first guy blew in her mouth she was presented with her own son’s cock, how could she refuse? No one there knew them or that they were related, so she went right ahead and started to deep throat her own son as the onlookers watched. This opened up a whole new aspect of their relationship, one could only imagine it would. So now that they knew they were both into this, they started to search out swinger parties for family members. Didn’t take them long to find them either, he claimed. I tell you, it’s hard to not laugh when they so seriously say such absurdities.

So he and mom are now regulars at swingers parties with other couples from the same family. There’s no end to the mother swapping apparently. The family that plays together, stays together, even when it comes to swinging. Now who hasn’t wondered about the amount of families into swinging? Just another day working the phones and hearing the lunacy that comes out of them. You couldn’t make it up if you tried.

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